Figuring Out Fear – 6 week class

Pet Potential provides specialty dog training classes to assist individuals and families who are living with reactive and fearful dogs. These classes focus on positive reward based training techniques – under no circumstances will physical force, harsh corrections and intimidation be used at any time. We are committed to enhancing the human – canine bond.

Does your dog cower or hide, are they easily startled and slow to recover, will they chose flight over fight in every situation? If so, this class is for you and your canine companion.

Figuring out Fear is designed for dogs four months of age and older who are experiencing fear or anxiety and need to learn their world is a safe place. Students will learn about the causes and responses to fear and anxiety, how dog’s learn, and how to work at their dog’s pace to desensitize existing responses and build confidence. Management and prevention along with specific foundation skills will also be discussed and practiced.

Classes are 6 weeks and are limited to 6 dogs per class. Students will also watch an in-depth, online orientation.

Classes: Pet Potential has relocated to British Columbia and is taking a training hiatus so is not currently running classes.