“As a small animal veterinarian, clients frequently ask me for help in handling behaviour problems in their dogs. Whether the client is dealing with a mischievous and destructive puppy or a fearful and reactive older dog, I unreservedly recommend a consultation with Nicky. Nicky’s ability to read and understand the reasons why dogs behave the way they do is coupled perfectly with her tireless patience, persistence, compassion, and gentle touch. This exceptional combination of skills as well as her education in the science of how dogs learn has led to countless success stories. Nicky has restored confidence in fearful dogs that other professionals have given up on, and she has transformed difficult and even dangerous dogs into peaceful pets. Nicky’s ability to unlock the innate potential of troubled dogs is limitless. I will continue to wholeheartedly refer my clients and patients to Nicky because I know she will handle them with dignity, kindness, and outstanding skill.”

Dr. Jody McMurray, D.V.M., B.Sc. (Ag)

“My training sessions with Nicky have been as much, if not more, for me than for Koda, my adorable 5 year old German shepherd. Koda is a loving, friendly dog who simply adores everyone, but on leash, her frustration had been starting to get the better of me. With Nicky’s careful direction and willingness to work at my pace (and around my travel schedule) we have been making great progress and I no longer feel the need to avoid every dog or become a midnight walker. My confidence level has increased dramatically over the last year and a half and I am thrilled that my relationship with Koda is no longer one of harsh corrections. Nicky’s positive outlook and encouragement have helped shape my outlook and given me the connection with Koda that I will continue to build on. I would recommend Nicky to anyone dealing with socialization issues or who just wants to learn a better way to connect with their dog.”

Michelle Gilders

“I have personally witnessed how Nicky Blackshaw’s patience, love and kindness combined with her positive training techniques helped turn some of the most shy and timid dogs in my care into well-behaved, social and sweet companion pets. Nicky has extensive animal care and training experience and her priority lies with improving the lives of animals as well of the lives of their owners. I, for one, am extremely grateful to know her. I have learned from her and I respect her and her opinions, and would recommend her help to anyone dealing with any type of training issue.”

Clarissa von Stetten, President
Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

“It is because of Nicky that our rescued (feral) dog was given a chance for a new life and successfully socialized and trained so he could become part of our family. He is a constant source of wonder at his adaptability and progress within a domestic environment, based on Nicky’s lengthy groundwork.”

Schari and Barry
Guardians of four rescue dogs

“As a proud guardian of one of the “hopeless” and “irredeemable” dogs exhibiting extreme aggression I can attest to Nicky’s ability as an exceptional dog trainer. Nicky’s unwavering faith in the potential of a dog to heal and change if given a chance and the proper environment, and her unique and unfailing ability to bring about that change in even the most difficult cases is an inspiration.  In the years I have known Nicky, her efforts have indeed been a tale of redemption for the many dogs she has rehabilitated through her knowledge of “dog”, skill, patience, understanding, insight and compassion. The integrity, high standards, professionalism and humility which Nicky also brings into her interactions with people are hard to come by, and the combination and depth of the qualities she possesses are a gift to all who come to know her – human and canine.”

Magdalena Godula
Guardian of a rescue dog

A HUGE thank you for all that you have done to help and support us with Onyx. When we first fostered Onyx 8 months ago he was so shy, timid and nervous. He was under socialized both with people and other dogs. Onyx hardly knew how to play properly. With your methods, time, support and amazing skill, we are happy to say Onyx is now a different dog! You went over and above to help our lil man…so thank you, thank you, thank you! And Onyx says “ruff, ruff!” He has now been adopted by his forever family!

Janice Yurko
Foster parent and owner of No Bowndaries Pet World

I want to sincerely thank Nicky Blackshaw for her assistance with our recent rescue dog. Her perspective on advising us about ‘resource guarding’ made us better understand his behavior. Not surprisingly, our vet backed up all of her recommendations and insights. It has made substantial impact on the quality of our pet/human bond, at an especially critical time as he just joined our multi-dog household. I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough.

Sylvia Wright
Guardian of three rescue greyhounds

Nicky is trainer, caregiver and companion for Mabel when we are stuck at work! From structured leash walks to off-leash fun at the park, Nicky has been quick to understand our dog’s needs and offer appropriate activities and advice. Nicky has been particularly helpful in getting us through a recent knee surgery, challenging Mabel with mental games and gradually reintroducing short leash walks. Nicky has a calming effect on our naturally high-strung dog; it is amazing to see how Mabel mimics Nicky’s manner and is noticeably calmer on leash and saying hello at the door. We can see how much Mabel adores Nicky and we wouldn’t trust our dog with anyone else.

Meghan, Crandell and Ryelan

We are so happy and very feel fortunate to have met Nicky. She has become part of our gangs lives and is such a positive influence on them and in helping us to become better doggie parents to them – thanks to her influence and the positive approach to training she has and the love she gives to the dogs.

Nancy Harland and Tim Janzen
and their multi-dog household

Our experience dealing with Nicky has been amazing throughout the time she has trained our energetic little boxer pup Duke. She gave us great peace of mind knowing our pup was in patient, caring and well experienced hands while we were away at work. Not only did she train Duke with the basics but she also would use games to mentally stimulate him and keep him constantly learning which was awesome! Always reliable and an absolute pleasure to deal with; Nicky was also always available as a resource for any training and behavioral questions that we had. She went above and beyond by writing in a daily journal and sending us pictures and videos of Duke during her visits to show what he was learning or working on that day which we absolutely loved! She knows her stuff and it’s obvious that she loves what she does. We will definitely use Nicky in the future and would recommend her whole-heartedly!

Kate Rowe