philosophyThere are a number of training methods being practiced today so it is important to understand and feel comfortable with a trainer’s philosophy and methods before developing a relationship between the trainer, you and your pet. Pet Potential uses humane training methods developed from scientific canine learning theory – focusing on positive reinforcement to encourage and guide behaviours. Physical force, harsh corrections and intimidation to force desired behaviours are not necessary and damage or prevent positive connections and communication between people and pets. Under no circumstances will these methods be utilized.

It is up to trainers and guardians to communicate effectively and consistently with pets. Communication is the key to outlining and understanding expectations and developing a healthy, trusting relationship. Miscommunication leads to a breakdown in the relationship and many guardians become frustrated and do not know how to improve the situation. Problem behaviours in dogs will also develop as they struggle to understand what is expected of them. Pet Potential helps guardians develop the skills necessary to achieve and maintain a positive, healthy relationship with their canine companion.